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Our Logo

The Shield                                                              The Dragon
Represents Defender of the Faith.                              Represents Fierceness & Valor.
The Helmet                                                             The Scroll
Represents Salvation.                                               Represents the Message of Christ.
The Feathers                                                           The Cross
Represents Obedience, Serenity                                 Represents the Protection of Christ.
and Equality.

The 4 Marks Above Helmet..
represent...  Reject Passivity  Accept Responsibility  Lead Courageously  Expect a Greater Reward

Milites Christi is the Latin phrase for "Knights of Christ." A Knight is a man of action and arms with an oath to protect the distressed, maintain the right and live a stainless life.

Jeffrey A. Knight
Jeff has almost 40 years experience in the automotive industry. His professional automotive career started in retail automotive sales, variable and fixed management positions and ultimately the general management positions. Coupled with this extensive retail experience, over the last 30+ years he has focused on the insurance, dealership development and training and reinsurance management for automotive, financial institutions, powersports, RV and motorcycle industries.  Jeff resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

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