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New Franchise Dealers


In today's changing market, the new vehicle franchise dealer is constantly reviewing the marketplace for additional profit opportunities that provide value to their customers.

First, SDSI's extensive portfolio of products provides these opportunities. Every product is backed and insured by the industry's strongest carriers, thus providing the dealership and their customers financial strength and peace of mind that claims will be paid.

Next, the execution side of the retail automobile industry has witnessed diminished dealer profit margins, better-informed customers, and the scepter of increased factory intervention. SDSI recognizes these trends are fluid and always changing. SDSI dedicated to the ideal of reversing these trends through increased professionalism and accountability in dealerships.

With smaller profit margins and an uncertain economic outlook, SDSI is assisting its dealers in generating maximum dealership profits inside the store, and wealth outside through dealer owned reinsurance companies. In 22 years, our franchise clients attest to their highest profits EVER attained when in partnership with SDSI.


Independent Dealers


Independent dealers are some of the greatest entrepreneurial small business people in the country. Even though the medium of selling vehicles is the same as their new franchise counterparts, their businesses are starkly different.


First, most independent dealers provide retail AND self-invested high risk loans. The loans most of these dealers make are on credit-challenged, high risk clients with the dealers' personal monies. Since these independent dealers margins are less reliable, the need for ancillary products is more of an expense against their capital investments and thus restricts the number of vehicles they can sell. SDSI recognizes these dealers want more opportunities to protect these high risk loans. Our product lines for the independent dealer protects their investment (the vehicle) and the Related Finance Company (loan profit margin) which are the two most important things to these independent dealers.

Second, SDSI provides additional wealth building opportunities for these strategies through dealer owned reinsurance companies just like their new franchise counterparts have done for decades.

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