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Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)
CPI is one of the fastest growing and needed insurance coverage for BHPH dealers.  If you are fed up with your finance company's cars contracted not having your asset protected, this is your answer.  Not available in all states.

Tire & Wheel Programs
Road Hazard coverage for repair or replacement (like kind and quality). Also, wheel repair or replacement reimbursement for expenses in the event it is rendered unserviceable. Not available in all states.

Theft Prevention
Automobile theft is the most costly property crime today with 1 car stolen every 23 seconds. 38% are NEVER recovered! Window Security etching permanently engraves each window with a registered number to deter auto thieves and chop shops. A permanent solution that cannot be removed, Etch can reduce theft by 60% and increase recovery to 85%. Not available in all states.

Guaranteed Asset Protection
GAP provides protection against financial liability for individuals who finance a new or used vehicle. Coverage terms are available up to 84 months and in most states for both new and used vehicles.

Vehicle Service Contracts
According to J.D. Power and Associates , an extended parts and labor agreement assists consumers in their ownership experience and saves the client future dollars. A SERVICE CONTRACT uses today's dollars to pay for tomorrow's claims and is inflation proof.

Appearance Protectants
Interior and exterior paint and fabric products providing protection for your vehicle exterior from weather induced fading and oxidation, ultraviolet rays, dirt, grime and road film, air pollution, industrial fallout, pollen, tree sap, salts and harsh detergents, hard water spotting. Interior protection seals and protects interior cloth, leather and vinyls from stains due to spills, pet accidents, foods, ultraviolet rays. Retards fading, enhances value. Not available in all states.

Maintenance, Lease and Car Care Plans
Regular oil changes and tire rotations are essential for vehicle performance and warranty coverage. With the added benefits of windshield repair, tire repair or replacement, and dent removal, most concerns that vehicle owners traditionally face during ownership are met.

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