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Sales Training

The Professional Sales System is an integrity based program that trains people the "psychology of selling and persuading people." Our training starts with installing everything from the professional appearance to time management and prospecting. Our telephone and internet training coupled with our tracking system prepares your consultants for every kind of today's client

Dealer Advocate

Being a "Dealer Advocate" company has only one meaning:To ensure that every possible dollar generated by your dealership goes into your pocket. Strategic Dealership Solutions customizes, for every individual dealer, a participation program designed to maximize every available dollar including all REINSURANCE possibilities!

On-Site Analysis

We examine your variable staff, skill levels, business processes & marketing methodologies to clearly identify opportunities to increase profits.

Your Financial Services Department, the best "net-to-gross" department in your retail facility, is also the "lightning-rod" for LEGAL AND CSI / QCP WOES! We address that with.

Sales Management

Sales Management is the most neglected trained management positions in the automotive industry yet, it is the most important. We aggressively approach our training of this position, because it can literally make or break a dealership. We broach the subjects of motivating and leading a sales staff to four square and negotiation techniques. Training-the-trainer is the top priority with all of your management.

Compliance Training

SDSI helps dealers establish a compliance culture within their dealerships by providing the broadest range of legal training modules, materials and tools currently available at any price. And despite the tremendous depth and breadth of its offerings, the Mosaic compliance program is available for a low monthly subscription fee, or for free - or less, making virtue profitable.”

Comprehensive Training


  • Annual 5-Day "Boot Camp"
  • Quarterly Refresher Training
  • Monthly One-On-Ones
  • One-Day Menu and Legal
  • Compliance Training

Performance Metrics


  • We provide Internet based,DMS integrated, solutions.
  • Real time reporting captures PVR & PPR by individuals, departments & stores;providing the accountability required to improve.
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